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2D/3D Animations

2D/3D Animations

2D/3D Animations

2D animation is fast catching up in Pakistan, and at O2I we offer a wide variety of creative animation services. Everything from conceptualization, story boards, animation, character design to turn-key production of commercial / traditional animations and comics is taken care of by our team of creative geniuses.

  • Outsourcing Animation Services to Pakistan
  • Outsourcing 2D animation to Pakistan is another trend that is making waves across the industry. 2D animation services at Outsource2india are delivered using state-of-art technology, best skilled professionals, and we proudly take credit for having delivered some of the best animation works to clients global. Outsource 2pakistan's professional 2D animation services can be used for: Product and Services Demonstrations Trainings and Event Collaterals Increasing Viewership Improving Brand Value

  • 7 Reasons to Choose Outsource2india for 2D Animation
  • As a well-established 2D animation company, we are proud to showcase our services and ways of working with our prospective clients, and help them understand our work better. Have a look at the wide range of services we offer under animation artwork:

    1. Character Designing
    2. O2I takes care of all the pre-production tasks like designing, conceptualizing, editing, storyboarding (read storyboarding tips), backgrounds, etc. All the characters are well researched and analyzed to suit and represent your idea well.

    3. Complete Production Services
    4. Apart from the character sketching and designing, we also provide post production and technical effects. All the necessary audio services like voice overs, narrations, character voices, sound effects, background scores, jingles, music compositions, are also taken care of by our team.

    5. 3. Realistic and Non-Realistic Motion Styling
    6. Animation isn't just about sketching; we understand that creating a flawless motion sequence in an animation, is crucial. We take care to ensure that we deliver specific stylized motions for every character used in the animation movie, right from a simple walk to a complex running cycle.

    7. Technical Animation and Simulation
    8. Simple and complex information is easily translated and explained using 2D animation services; and digital pictures and specialized text can't really deliver the messages in a way animations do. Our expert simulation and technical team is well-trained at delivering complex animations like expanded views, segment zooms, line drawings, exploding animations, etc.

    9. Rendering
    10. Like the experts say, it is all in the finishing, at O2I we cover everything from fur/hair simulation, lighting, reflective finishes, true life environmental rendering to deliver a perfect animation.

    11. Interactive Animation
    12. Interactive animations provide a means to experience the characters and products onscreen and engage your customers. We deliver interactive animation services by incorporating technologies like Adobe Flash; which can run on any media like websites, PDAs, mobiles, computer, etc.

    13. Distribution
    14. Once we complete a project, we can deliver them to you in a format you request for. We can broadcast it for you or burn it on a DVD; or can share it online. Additionally, if you are looking for a specific format streaming for websites or HD quality videos for video sharing websites, then you can count on us to get what you need.

  • Benefits of Our 2D Animation Services
  • Animation compilation at O2I brings with it the delightful advantage of not having any limitations. We allow creative freedom and a sense of expression to build unique designs Our 2D animations are loved by everyone in every age group, right from corporate heads to toddlers, there's always something that each of them enjoy in our 2D illustration O2I's solutions are restricted to advertisements and motion pictures. Even the corporate world is making use of the power of animations in their presentations and events With the advent of social media, animations just found themselves another way of making their presence felt. With O2I, you can now feature your products in a much more engaging method across the cyber and real world

  • Outsourcing Animation Services to Pakistan
  • Our best-in-class animation software helps us to concentrate on more creative aspects, and deliver high quality animations. At O2I we have a management system in place that oversees the complete production process and keeps a close eye on the progress; making us one the best animation services providers in India. Our clients vouch for our services and we are confident that you would too. Our 2D animators are the best in the business, and are capable of delivering that exciting animation you have been looking for. Get in touch with your requirements, and outsource 2D animation services to Outsource2india today!

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