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Production Service

Educational Films

The Educational film sector is rapidly growing and expanding, from Educational topical films through to high end research projects the need to visualize and document new and ground breaking ideas is becoming ever more important. With our educational and training videos, we guarantee that your students and/or employees will be captivated by the materials being presented so they retain and remember what is needed. Although the purpose of the video is to educate the target audience, the video should be fun and enjoyable to watch. Viewers retain exponentially more information when they are also being entertained. A high end, informative, and entertaining training video is key

Product Demo Films

It is an innovative, interesting and captivating way of demonstrating products for a better product understanding and engagement with the end users. Product demo films offer audio-video demonstration of the core features, benefits and usage of the products. Besides -graphics, voiceovers, special effects etc are also incorporated in these films to make them lifelike and comprehensive. At CM Productions, our filmmakers flawlessly create effective product demo films for new Product launch or Product showcase, so to enhance the promotion and sale of the clients'

Short Film

Got an idea for a short film or a feature length film? Don't know how to get started? Or maybe you do, but don? t have any local connections? We can help you make it an actuality. We have access to the professional gear and talent to make your project come true. From pre- production services (screenwriting, budgeting, planning) to production and post-production (sound design, editing, scoring, etc.) We are affiliated with amazing talents that make you film best.

Social Films

Our deft and extremely competent filmmakers at SB Production potently make effectual case study films for NGOs to aid them in fund raising. Most NGOs these days resort to case study films to explicate their social work efficiently, in an audio-video format. These films incorporate visuals, sound bites, interviews, music loops etc. Our filmmakers engage all resourceful means to roll out flawless fund raising films for NGOs. We have left a trail of satiated clients behind us, and are now looking forward to provide more of our thorough and end-to-end filmmaking solutions to our prospective NGO clients

Video Testimonials

Unlike the conventional written testimonials, video testimonials are becoming all rage today. They employ the old but true belief 'See it to believe it'. A written testimonial can often lack tenability, but a video testimonial is the audio-visual presentation of the testimonial coming direct from the source. We at SB Production, create captivating video testimonials by incorporating special effects, music loops along with the video clips. Video testimonial is a contemporary, interesting and appealing way of presenting the business testimonials before the prospective clients

Service Introduction Films

Service Introduction films are highly preferred as they competently explicate the features, benefits and requisites of the services offered by employing effective audio-video measures. Services are intangible and can only sell by promoting 'experience' that is derived on using them. Therefore, at Canvass Production we integrate that 'experience' along with the core features of the service - in the form of videos, audio, music, special effects etc and make effective service introduction films. Travel consultants, health consultants etc often take refuge of service introduction films for promoting their services


We are offering our clients with video film production and editing services, wherein we help them with latest equipment related to film production and editing. Our hi-tech equipment includes camera, microphones, studio lights and editing studios integrated with sound proof rooms, dubbing equipment and editing software. In addition to this, we also provide our clients with the requisite manpower to serve their indoor & outdoor shooting needs clients

Shows & Live Events Coverage

We offer professional event filming and coverage services starting from single camera filming solutions and moving on to complex multi-camera setups for a wide coverage of your event. Multi Camera Filming: Multi camera filming for your live event or video project allows a greater choice of shots and angles, giving a choice of editing styles and footage to work with. Multi camera filming is an ideal solution to capture all aspects of your event and to ensure that the end product is up to your expectations. Speak to us today to discuss your multi camera filming requirements.

Post-Production Services

This is where we put together the raw footage into something that follows the script and makes sense. We add titles, music, voice-over narration and special effects. We edit in our digital non-linear editing suite which gives your project access to an unbelievable array of eye-catching special visual and sound effects and 3D titles. And because we've done so many productions, we know when a simple cut or dissolve works better than a lot of snazzy effects. But we've also got the snazzy effects

DVD Authoring and Duplication

In addition to post-production editing, we also offer DVD authoring. Whether you need simple compression for your short video master, or complex menus and scene selections for your longer masterpiece, we can do it. We offer professional authoring for your DVD or CD-ROM, and we can customize your release, by adding professional features like closed captioning, motion menus, DVD easter eggs, and more. We also offer DVD and CD duplication services and a wide array of packaging options.

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